Tips on How to Select Granite and Marble Slab in Toronto

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How to Select Your Granite and Marble Slab in Toronto

When you are planning your next home renovation project in Toronto, you should consider using granite or marble slabs. Both granite and marble are natural stone products derived directly from nature. They are often considered beautiful art pieces and can add a very elegant and distinguished look to your home or office. They are excellent for tiling entryways, bathrooms and kitchens and are classic choices for countertops. It is important that you know a few helpful tips when choosing your slab.
It is important to first know the difference between the two types of stone. Colour, composition and origin are all indicators of what stone you are dealing with.


It is important to determine the colour of your stone. Some colours are not available in the different types. Green, yellow, pink, gray, cream and blues indicate that the stone is possibly marble, whereas stark colours such as turquoise, orange or black can signify granite. You can use the helpful guide for selecting your colour of granite.


Marble is mostly composed of calcite or dolomite, whereas granite contains the minerals quartz, feldspar, mica and biotite. Marble is also often described as a swirling pattern, whereas granite is more grain-like with the various elements flecked throughout.


Marble is often found in the mountainous regions of South America, Asia, Europe and North America. Granite is more widespread and is quarried all across the globe, including Norway, Portugal, Brazil, South Africa, across the Canadian Shield and much of the United States.
If you are still unsure about which type of stone you would like to go with, there is also a handy guide on YouTube that can help you choose the stone for you.
It can also be helpful to use the expertise of a contractor to help you select and purchase your granite or marble slab. Asking friends and family for recommendations is often helpful. If you do not receive any credible leads, there are many helpful websites that rate and rank local contractors in your area.
Most often, natural stone slab companies do not sell directly to the customer. It is often the case that they will have you come in, select your slab and then sell it to a contractor or a fabricator to then cut, install and finish for you. A seasoned contractor will have the knowledge about selecting the perfect slab for you, how to install it and the correct care instructions on how to keep your slab properly maintained.
It is important to remember to seal your granite or marble slab with a quality sealer. Special resins and soaps help keep the polished surface of the stone bright and stain-resistant. It is often said that granite will be the last countertop the consumer buys, due to its hard and resistant nature.
Selecting your beautiful marble or granite slab in Toronto can be an easy and enjoyable task. The look of marble or granite can elevate your space to have a more elegant and sophisticated look. The helpful tips above make sure you are equipped with the information you need to make the right choice.